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With Unify CCM’s dedicated Certified Care Coordinators

your practice can generate additional revenue from non face-to-face care.

Our Certified Medical Assistants Provide:

Monthly Phone Calls

We conduct monthly chronic care phone calls with patients each month, according to their Care Plans.

Document Calls

Every call is appropriately documented securely with our technology, then ready for your existing EHR.

Communicate with the Practice

Our team will work with your staff and communicate if patient needs to schedule a visit.

UnifyCCM gets you reimbursed for the chronic care you’ve always provided.

When patients have multiple, often complex, chronic conditions, coordinating services and comprehensively managing the patient’s care are critical to providing quality health care services.

Most practices don’t have the staff to coordinate the Medicare requirements to achieve reimbursement for the non face-to-face care. With UnifyCCM services, health care professionals can deliver the coordinated care their patients need and deserve while helping patients stay on track by getting support between visits. Best of all UnifyCCM generates additional revenue.

60% of a Practice’s Medicare Patients

have 2 or more chronic care conditions

that qualify them for Non face-to-face Care and Medicare Reimbursement.

UnifyCCM (Chronic Care Management)

Get reimbursed for the chronic care patients you see.

Unify CCM offers an All-Inclusive Solution that reaches out to your qualified patients, tracks their progress, and bills for Chronic Care Management 99490 code. We have real people talk with your patients, developing an extended relationship of your office. No matter what EHR you are currently using, a monthly report is shared with staff and physician.